Post #1: Some Introductions

Profile             Welcome to my blog, An Exercise In Politics! My name is Tyler, and I am currently in my third year of the DPT program at CU Denver in Colorado. I hope to make politics and the legislative process more interesting through my informative posts that (hopefully) generate some discussion.

My interest in starting this blog came from a recently discovered curiosity in the political realm. Prior to beginning graduate work in physical therapy, I was never involved in student government; now I act as the Vice President of Legislative Affairs on my medical campus in Colorado. This position has opened doors to a new world that I was immediately drawn into. Ultimately though, this blog will reside in the world of physical therapy, as this is my first passion.

For the past two years or so, I have focused my interest in politics to try to reach out to my classmates and other DPT students in Colorado, and encourage them to get involved in the legislative process as well. Admittedly, politics can be a very dry topic. That is why I made the primary focus of this blog to be relatable to DPT students and physical therapists alike. I want all readers of this blog to understand the nuances of politics on both a state and national level, and want to engage in enlightening discussions with all of you.

As I mentioned above, I am new to the political scene as well, so I am still learning. However, if graduate school has taught me anything, I need to cite my sources! So, whenever I find information and/or statistics to use in a discussion, I’ll cite all the sites I used so everyone can read them on their own time. Many topics in the coming weeks will be focused on large subjects or areas of concern: ACA, the role of the APTA, direct access, Medicare, etc. However, once I work down to more minute topics on state levels, or brand new legislation, I will relay my sources to you.

Finally, if you know me at all, you know I am a huge proponent of Twitter. I like to discuss all kinds of things, and hope to link this blog to my handle after every post. I am also taking the hashtag #AEIP (An Exercise In Politics) and using that in posts relating solely to this blog. If you would like to follow along, you can find me @tylerspt!

Until next time,



About 535advocacy

I'm a physiotherapist with a passion for politics. After working for several years in Student Senate and Government Affairs, I found that most people don't care about politics, because they don't know how to get involved. Now, it's my goal to change that.
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