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Five Things About Advocacy You Need to Know

There are many times we feel the need to talk to our legislators. But do you know how? These 5 tips can help get you started! Continue reading

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Federal Concussion Law: What’s the Point?

The fact concussions have gained some much attention is both good and bad. On one hand, more focus on traumatic brain injuries (TBI) allows for further research and legislation. However, the fact concussions are so prevalent raises concern on how … Continue reading

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Pain Management: Changes Coming Soon?

Physical therapists work with pain and its many forms every single day. There are still many theories on what pain is, why it exists, and what we can do about it. However, we know that most pain is treated with … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Term Protection

So what’s the biggest issue facing physical therapy today? Insurance payments? Medicare Therapy Cap? Direct access? These are absolutely the most prominent topics our profession has discussed and faced recently. However, the issue of term protection remains something left entirely … Continue reading

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Should We Have a Super-PAC?

Have you seen any campaign commercials on TV or online, often showing a certain candidate’s terrible political decisions and their hatred of America? Of course you have. Chances are, those ads you saw were created and distributed by a Political Action Committee, … Continue reading

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Are We a Profession or a Service?

Physical therapy is in a very precarious position. Here in Colorado, our profession is fighting tooth and nail just to make insurance companies pay a fair price for the benefits their customers receive. Under many of these insurance carriers, physical … Continue reading

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